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7 Fantastics
Team: 7 Fantastics
Club: 7 Fantastics
Born of a meeting between several friends and former teammates of the Rugby Club Massy Essonne eager to achieve a common project, the association 7 FANTASTICS appeared as evidence to allow the pursuit of the practice of their passion while incorporating players of different horizons. The collective ambition is to participate and perform in the various tournaments, initially national and then international as well as continue to develop the practice of 7, while participating in its feminization. The project currently being finalized will end in early 2017. Therefore, concerned about our good development, we count on your support to enable us to reach our various ambitious objectives! Fantastically. "The staff"
CLIC Sargent Godfathers
Team: CLIC Sargent Godfathers
Club: CLIC Sargent Godfathers
The CLIC Sargent Godfathers are an invitational team based in the south west of England raising funds and awareness on behalf of the children's cancer charity CLIC Sargent. Celebrating our 20th anniversary this year the Godfathers have been hugely successful in local and national tournaments and are the current regional SW RFU 24/7s champions. What better way to celebrate our anniversary than a trip to Amsterdam?
Team: Dambusters
Club: Dambusters
Dambusters young Lions
Team: Dambusters young Lions
Club: Dambusters
DSR-C Centennials
Team: DSR-C Centennials
Club: Delftsche Studenten Rugby-Club
Finland Men
Team: Finland Men
Club: Finland Rugby
he Finnish Men's 7s team started its era only in 2017. The team is a variation between potential prospects that hadn't been noticed in the 15s yet, and a few of the most experienced rugby guns Finland has to offer. The team got feedback for being possibly the biggest team on offer in the last years ENC 2 competition, but the weight didn't seem to slow the team down as they climbed their way into ENC 1. This exciting group is picking the fruit from the fast development that is gaining momentum in the Finnish rugby union scene.
Gentlemens barbershop
Team: Gentlemens barbershop
Club: gentlemens barbershop
Team: Germany
Club: Germany
Hong Kong 7
Team: Hong Kong 7's men
Club: Hong Kong Sports Institute
JA Getaways
Team: JA Getaways
Club: Projecx Waterboys
Club: CSR-Nanok
Nyenrode 7s
Team: Nyenrode 7s
Club: Nyenrode 7s
At the Amsterdam Sevens since 2012. Professional players, with numerous (ex)internationals from NL, NZ, AUS, ENG, SCO, ITA, SAM, etc etc. A fun fact about the team is that none of the players are actually able to pronounce "Nyenrode" properly. This year will be the 7th (the magic number!?) year for Nyenrode 7s to be at the Amsterdam Sevens. Semi-Final of the Silver Pier last year Well-balanced team including the fastest player of the tournament, the strongest player of the tournament, the player with the most flair of the tournament, the player with the most experience of the tournament, the player with the most talent of the tournament, the player with the best looks of the tournament and of course it goes without saying that we're the smartest bunch of all.
Oemoemenoe 7
Team: Oemoemenoe 7's Team
Club: Oemoemenoe
OXFAM CRUSADERS were established as an Elite 7s outfit in the summer of 2012 to raise funds & awareness for OXFAM. To raise money for the charity and to give a vehicle for talented players to play a unique, eye-catching style of rugby and ALWAYS have fun.
Portofino 7 seas
Team: Portofino 7 seas
Club: Portofino 7 seas
Powerbombs 7
Team: Powerbombs 7's
Club: Powerbombs 7's
Projecx Waterboys
Team: Projecx Waterboys
Club: Projecx Waterboys
RahRah Roosters
Team: RahRah Roosters
Club: Rah Rah Roosters
Rex Club Red Kites
Team: Rex Club Red Kites
Club: Rex Club Red Kites
Running Bassets
Team: Running Bassets
Club: RC The Bassets
Scavengers 7s
Team: Scavengers 7s
Club: Scavengers 7S
Team: Seventise
Club: Seventise
"Young French lads hoping to put on a big performance for their first participation in Amsterdam." that was the quote we got from them. We however know that they are a bit more special than that. Winners of Bournemoth 7's 2017 with a multitude of talented French players they are coming to give everybody a run for their money.
SHAPE Barbarians
Team: SHAPE Barbarians
Club: SHAPE Barbarians RFC
Susies Exiles
Team: Susies Exiles
Club: Susies Sevens
The Old Navigators
Team: The Old Navigators
Club: The Old Navigators
Tintri Tornado 7s
Team: Tintri Tornado 7s
Club: Tintri Tornado 7s
Transact Pro
Team: Transact Pro
Club: RC Miesnieki
Team: Tullepetoantjes
Club: Rugby Club RCC Bekaro
This year the staff and players of Rugby Club RCC Bekaro has turned into " Tullepetaontje". A Tullepetaon ("guinea fowl" or in French "poule pintade" )is a colorful bird that can scream and rage, just like the 7s player. We looking forward to have a good time. Thanks to our sponsors Cis, Joep en de Club: Da ge bedankt zijt !
Wooden Spoon Marauders
Team: Wooden Spoon Marauders
Club: Wooden Spoon Marauders

Bassets Ladies
Team: Bassets Ladies
Club: RC The Bassets
Dambusters Ladies
Team: Dambusters Ladies
Club: Dambusters
Team: Dirndls
Club: Illesheim Black N' Blue
Recently the U.S. Army boys from the Illesheim RFC have been a bit too busy (saving the world for democracy or something like that) for another run at the Men’s Shield. So 40-year Amsterdam Sevens Veteran Dave McNaughton, and his #2 Side-Kick, Tony Cervizzi (23 Years Amsterdam Vet) had a divine relevation to form a new representative side from the top lady ruggers in Bavaria to continue to promote the sport in Southern Germany. The “Dirndls” are not your typical Oktoberfest beer tent barmaids, but instead are a tough and competitive bunch with the looks and the style to dazzle the fans and opponents both on and off the pitch.
Hong Kong 7
Team: Hong Kong 7's Ladies
Club: Hong Kong Sports Institute
Team: Norway
Club: Norway
NRW Ladies
Team: NRW Ladies
Club: Rugby-Verband NRW
Scotland Women 7s
Team: Scotland Women 7s
Club: Scotland Women 7s
Stade Rennais Rugby
Team: Stade Rennais Rugby
Club: Stade Rennais Rugby
STADE RENNAIS Rugby since 1999 French women Top 8 More than 100 players Current international players : Jade LEPESC (fr 7 and XV) Lenaig Corson (fr 7 and XV) Jessy Tremoulière (fr 7 and XV) Caroline Drouin (fr 7 and XV) Arkya Ait Labhib (fr XV) Yolaine Yengo (fr 7 ) Valentine Lothoz (fr 7) Sofia Stefan (ita 7 and XV) Ilaria Arrighetti (ita XV) Melissa Betonni (ita XV) Lucia Gai (ita XV) Marta Ferrari (ita XV) Justine Vergnaud –Milena Buzenet –Marie Hamon (fr U20)
Susies Sevens
Team: Susies Sevens
Club: Susies Sevens
Team: Xtreme
Club: Haagsche Rugby Club
Sinds 2014 bestaat HRC Xtreme. We zijn begonnen in Westbroekpark met 10 meiden. Nu zijn we een volledig senioren team en spelen we sinds 2015 competitie. Afgelopen seizoen zijn we vierde geworden in de tweede klasse en ons doel is om dit jaar te promoveren naar de eerste klasse. Dit willen wij bereiken met heel veel nieuwe meiden, die ondersteund worden door de meiden die er al vanaf dag één bij waren.

Bristol Wanderers
Team: Bristol Wanderers
Club: Bristol Wanderers
Bristol Wanderers are a Charity Vets rugby team with most players' way into their late 40's...... We have been going for four years & have raised over £40,000 for Bristol based Children's Charities. Bristol Wanderers play two games of rugby, two games of cricket & a golf day each year. This will be our 1st tournament.
Dambusters Vets
Team: Dambusters Vets
Club: Dambusters
Jinns Exiles
Team: Jinns Exiles
Club: Islamabad Jinns
Islamabad RFC was established in 1992 by a group of rugby mad locals and expats. With the support of the local community the club has grown into a thriving hotbed of rugby passion. Currently Islamabad RFC has over 125 players, which includes a number Pakistan internationals. The team is a diverse bunch, drawn from the local and expat communities, brought together by a mutual love of the game. One of the clubs core aims is to raise the profile of rugby within Pakistan. Islamabad RFC has a number of youth teams, both male and female, and works with the RFU to bring rugby into schools across Pakistan. Islamabad RFC is affectionately known as the Jinns, after mischievous supernatural spirits from Islamic mythology. As the sport of rugby has “matured" in Islamabad, so too have some players. In 2013 Islamabad RFC formed a permanent veteran’s team, the modestly named Jinns Legends. In the same year a number of Jinns old boys came together from around the world to export Pakistan rugby to the Dubai 7’s, and we’ve been going ever since.
syrako siracusa old
Team: syrako siracusa old
Club: syrako rugby club old
Syrako Siracusa rugby old is mainly composed of players who played in the two historic rugby teams in Syracuse: the Rugby Club Siracusa (founded in 1982) and the Syrako Rugby Club (founded in 1989 and still active): today more than 30 members, aged between 40 and 61, who live in Syracuse or in other parts of Italy, play and maintain a close relationship with the clubs in which they started living rugby. The team debut was in Rome, in May 2015, and since then Syrako Old Rugby has participated in many tournaments in Sicily. The 7th Prague Ham Event was the first international experience for the team, followed by the Bucharest tour and the next will be Amsterdam 2018 with the wish to make many others. The team logo, a rapacious eagle, is a tribute to both the Syrako logo and the City of Syracuse."
Wells Vets
Team: Wells Vets
Club: Wells RFC