• Good vibes, funky tunes and the best matches.
  • It covers entry for 15 people(18 for vets)
  • High quality 7s rugby!
  • Team lunches for Saturday/Sunday,
  • Team dinner Saturday evening, Match Ball.
  • Qualified referees,
  • Free fysio treatment,
  • Guaranteed minimum of 5 matches.
  • Live Dj's Saturday
  • Entrance 7s super party on Sunday.
  • Free entrance for the Coco's afterparty in Amsterdam City Centre

Amsterdam Sevens Tent € 250,- ORDER NOW Open productdetails


Get your own place in a large tent on a separate field on tournament ground during the tournament. This space could be usefull for storing private stuff, rest, privacy, handle little injuries etc. etc.

(credit-card payment is possible but keep in mind that the max. amount is EUR 1500 per transaction.)
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