So, let’s get ready for the 2018 edition of the Amsterdam Sevens. The idea will be roughly the same as the previous editions, which also means that it will again be better this year. That is all good news. But it doesn't stop there. The other good news is that the participation fee is untouched!

For the fee you will get: entrance to the tournament, lunch on match days, and dinner on Saturday. Organising a tournament like the Amsterdam Sevens carries some costs: pitches, referees, medical assistance, security, et cetera. It is worthwhile to remember that entrance tickets for spectators to tournament last year were also €35, so basically you get the rest for free.

Teams for the Sevens tournament consist of 12 players and 3 staff (coach, fysio, et cetera), making 15 people for €525. Apart from what has already been mentioned, each team receives a match ball, and team photo (remember to get your picture taken in time!).

Teams for the Veterans Tens tournament consist of 18 people (€630 per team), and since they can never decide who is coaching and who is playing, they are all rated simply as veteran. Vets teams get a match ball as well. And of course they get a chance to pose for a photographer as well.
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Get your own place in a large tent on a separate field on tournament ground during the tournament. This space could be usefull for storing private stuff, rest, privacy, handle little injuries etc. etc.

(credit-card payment is possible but keep in mind that the max. amount is EUR 1500 per transaction.)
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